Terms and Conditions


On the visiting and the use of this website and other services offered, our general terms and conditions apply.

Study the terms and conditions carefully before you visit the Website and / or use our services. If there is one or more clauses in our terms and conditions which you cannot find or if you have difficulty reading these terms, then please navigate away from this website immediately.

This or future visits to this site and / or use of our services implies That you accept thesis terms and conditions in full and without reservation.

These terms and conditions are available in the Dutch and English language. Where the translated terms and conditions of the Dutch differ, the Dutch general conditions are leading.

Article 1: Definitions

1.1. Excessive Media: The private company Excessive Media B.V.; office and principal place of the Tingietersweg 14-16, 2031 ES Haarlem, www.excessivemedia.nl, info@excessivemedia.nl, Tel. +31-23-7519814, fax +31-23-7519817, registered in the Commercial Register under number 34196875, VAT. NL 812885223.B01, continue to be the operator, owner and manager of this, also referred to as "Excessive Media" below.

1.2. Hyperlink: Links that are primarily intended for presentation to a human user

1.3. Website: A medium for presenting information via the Internet.

1.4. Gebruiker: Man / person accessing this website and / or uses the services or products provided by Excessive Media.

1.5. Member database: That part of the website that the user can access by paying a fee, and possibly by logging in can visit. This part is shielded from public visit and intended for paying users or specific users designated by Excessive Media BV.

1.6. Content: The actual content of a website, the content includes, but not exclusively, films, photographs and text.

1.7. Logging: The storage of data on incidents or events that have occurred on the website or member database .

Article 2: Ground conditions

2.1. These terms and conditions apply between Excessive Media and the User.

2.2. These terms and conditions apply to the use of a website or service of Excessive Media.

2.3. Sequence of validity: These terms and conditions. In addition, subject to the law or the European regulations to the extent that it has not been processed in the local law.

2.4. Where parts of these terms may void or are voidable, the remaining components of force and, moreover the part converted into a valid provision that reflects the original intention as much as possible.

Article 3: Content and use of the Website

3.1. This Website aims to support the use and payment of the services offered through this website.

3.2. Use of the Website and services offered through the Website are open to every person that has the minimum age of 18 years. If you have not yet reached the age of 18 years, objects to the contents of this Website and / or the user of the website or services in a geographic area where the access to the website or using services offered is prohibited. Please navigate away from this website immediately.

3.3. User can create an account by going through the registration process. Fully Upon completion of the registration process, the user must provide accurate and complete information about themselves.

3.4. The user is not allowed to let others make use of the account or wear it over. If for any reason the data of the user are no longer accurate or complete, the user should adapt these to date again. If the user provides incorrect or incomplete information about themselves or if Excessive Media determines that the information provided is incorrect or incomplete, Excessive Media may terminate or suspend the account.

3.5. User is entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their username and password. Only the user is responsible for the use of the account by a third party, regardless of how they access the account was obtained. In case of suspected abuse of the user account Excessive Media must be notified immediately.

3.6. Excessive Media can not be held responsible for the use or misuse of the account held.

3.7. unauthorized access to this website and / or the member database is punishable. In case of suspected abuse Excessive Media shall immediately report to the appropriate authority.

Article 4: Membership

4.1. Excessive Media works with both on-(not automatically renewed) and continuous (automatically renewed) memberships. The Membership may include a free trial period that is converted to a paid membership that once or periodically (monthly) and will be extended until the user or Excessive Media cancels it. In the case of an ongoing membership, the membership should be terminated before it is extended, in order to avoid the membership fee for the following month being charged.

4.2. Free trial

4.2.1. If, therefore, there is a free trial alleged by Excessive Media, the duration of the period specified during registration. Free trial periods are only for new members. A free trial is optional and may be terminated at any time.

4.2.2. If there is a free trial period, any periodic or one-time membership fees will be collected at the end of the free trial period, unless prematurely terminated

4.2.3. There will be no notification at the end of a free trial period and / or at the beginning of the paid membership. Membership fees are collected once or periodically until the membership is terminated.

4.2.4. If there is an promotion (for example, one month free access), each user may use the promotion only one time. Should the user use the promotion two or more times and there is a payment for the promotion, then the costs are for the user.

Article 5: Billing

5.1. When a membership starts, Excessive Media authorized to collect the one-time or periodic membership fees at the then applicable rate.

5.1.1. Excessive media makes no refunds or credits for partially used periods. After termination of access to the service, the service continues until the end of the current billing period

5.1.2. Failed debt collection: If a payment can not be made, for example because it has fallen into account or because the balance is too low or for other reasons, the User will be responsible for non-collected amounts and authorizes Excessive Media to continue billing until the debt collection is successful. This can lead to a change in the billing date for the payment (s) of the User

5.1.3. Cancellation: The Membership may be terminated at any time. After termination of the membership access to the service continues until the end of the current billing period. Cancelation can be done in the via "My Account" tab.

5.2 You can 2 movies simultaneously with 1 subscription on net69.

Article 6: Liability

6.1. Using all reasonable means Excessive Media is doing its utmost best to keep the website available in an uninterrupted manner and to secure it.

6.2. Excessive Media can in no way be liable for inconvenience caused by work, problems, interventions, changes or restrictions on functionality or other matters that affect the availability of the website or other services of Excessive Media.

6.3. All models in the offered movies are over 18 years and are responsible for the offered content.

Article 7: Content

7.1. Excessive Media is fully responsible for all content published on the website.

7.2. Excessive Media uses third-party websites, whether or not for a fee, to send visitors. These third parties are responsible for placing these hyperlinks and are solely responsible for the content of that website and in which way the third user is send through hyperlinks of the Website.

7.3. Excessive Media uses its own produced content and legally acquired content through reputable studios and brokers.

Article 8: Privacy, personal information and monitoring of use

8.1. Excessive Media pays the greatest attention to the protection of personal data of users of this Website. For additional information, please refer to the privacy statement on this Website.

8.2. While visiting the Website and / or use of the services, information of the user is logged. This information is necessary for the proper functioning of the Website and to optimize / improve the Website and or other services of Excessive Media. This information can also be used for debugging and / or violation of these terms and conditions, legal provisions or other matter necessary to Excessive Media.

8.3. Excessive Media takes great care to protect this information and this information will never be shared with third parties.

8.4. In case of violation of the provisions of these terms and conditions, actions that violate the law and / or fraud in the account will be blocked and the membership terminated with immediate effect without warning . The purchased balance will expire immediately and is irrevocably. The costs associated with the detection of abuse or fraud will be charged to the user. This allows the right of Excessive Media to recover all damages suffered prejudice and any judicial and extrajudicial costs incurred by Users.

Article 9: Complaints handling

9.1. All complaints relating to use of the website, quality or any other complaint will be taken seriously into consideration by Excessive Media.

9.2. The user must make a complaint known in writing by sending an e-mail to Excessive Media.

9.3. Excessive Media will try to resolve the complaint within 10 days. Excessive Media will inform the customer in writing via e-mail.

Article 10: Intellectual property

10.1. All intellectual property rights, and similar rights to all services offered on the Website, products and information is held exclusively by Excessive Media or its licensors.

10.2. No part of this site may be reproduced without written permission of Excessive Media. The intellectual property rights in all text, images, movies, sounds and software on this website belong to Excessive Media or its licensors.

10.3. Should Excessive Media to be informed of (allegedly) infringing material or (allegedly) infringing links on the website or Excessive Media has the right but not the obligation to remove this content immediately.

Article 11: Changes in pricing and terms

11.1. Excessive Media has the right to change the services and prices that are published at any time, and therefore adapt and update the provisions of these terms and conditions on its website. It is your responsibility to review and check these terms regularly. If you continue to use the Website after the effective date of the changes, you automatically agree to and accept to the change (s) .

11.2. Excessive Media does not take any form liability for any adverse consequences that may result from the changes made to the content of the Website or the terms and conditions.

Article 12: Dutch law and litigation

12.1. On the use of this website, these terms and conditions apply.

12.2. These general conditions are governed by Dutch law

12.3. Any dispute shall be subject to the discretion of the competent Dutch court.